Le Lupus, Bas les masques


The Reference Center for Rare Autoimmune and Systemic Diseases of Department of Internal Medicine invites you to participate in a program of Therapeutic Education.

The aims of this program are :

– To help the patient to gain (or maintain) useful skills for his daily life in the management of chronic disease,

– To maintain or improve his health,

– To maintain or improve his quality of life.

This Program includes activities organized (individual interviews, collective workshops,..) designed to make patients aware and informed of :

– Their diseases,

– Treatments,

– And behaviours related to health.

If you wish more information, or participate in workshops of Therapeutic Education, you can :

– Address you to the Reference Center of Rare Diseases in the Department of Internal Medicine,

– Or call (+33) 03 20 44 50 48 and ask to speak with the Education Therapeutic Team.