The Symptoms of Lupus

They appear transiently or permanently and seem independent from each other :

Non-specific symptoms of lupus :



*Weight changes,

*Swollen glands.

Specific symptoms of lupus :

*Erythema in the shape of butterfly wings on the face,

*Mucosal ulcers especially buccal,

*Photosensitivity : abnormal facility of occurrence of sunburn,

*Arthritis (joint inflammation),



*Kidney (appearance of protein in the urine, renal failure),

*Blood cells problems : anemia, bleeding by decrease in platelet,

*Central nervous system involvement : abnormal movements, paralysis….

Other common symptoms :

*Hair loss,


*Vasculitis skin,


*Raynaud’s phenomenon (painful hypersensitivity  of extremities to cold),

*Dry eye or mouth syndrom.