What is Lupus, the disease highlighted in Dr House?

After « NFS, chimi, iono, and blood gas » become cult by the emergency series, it’s now the phrase « it’s not a lupus » which brings together fans of Dr House. But behind the Dr House’s jokes about this matter, lies a real disease, previously unknown by the general public. So, what is the lupus?

A little history….

In Latin, the term « lupus » means « wolf » because characteristic condition of the skin of patients were like bites of wolves. The disease is known since Xe century in the medical literature where the first case mentioned is the bishop of Liege, Eraclius, miraculously healed after a pilgrimage.

Lupus, an autoimmune disease

Ok, but what’s an autoimmune disease? The immune system is the defense of our body, like an army, it repels pathogens, virus and other bacteria. In the case of autoimmune disease, the immune system attacks the body’s organ.

Autoimmune diseases take a variety forms but still it have so common features :

         -Plurality of factors behind the diseases

         -Particular genetic field

        – Environmental factors

        – Hormones

What definition for Lupus?

The Lupus is part of immune disease, it’s a pathology inflammatory but non contagious. The Lupus is a complex disease that can manifest as well benign skin problems as having a damaging impact on the liver.

There are three types of Lupus :

       – Chronic Lupus

       – Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

       – Induced Lupus

Is it a common disease?

Unfortunately, the lupus is not yet diagnosed because the doctors are not enough customary of the symptoms with the disease. So, it’s very difficult to produce statistics. The French Association of Lupus and autoimmune diseases (Association Française du Lupus, AFL+), however managed to give some numbers : « For France, all lupus combined, would be between 80 and 100 000. It can occur at any age and affects women nine to one man. »

What symptoms?

Symptoms vary according to the type, but some seem to be common :

       – Erythema (redness) in the shape butterfly wings on the face,

– Including oral mucosal ulcers, – Photosensitivity : abnormal sensitivity to sunburns,

– Arthritis (joint inflammatory),

– Pleurisy,

– Pericarditis,

 – Kidneys (appearance of protein in the urine, and kidneys failure),

– Problems of blood cells, anemia, bleeding, decreased platelets,

– Involvement of the central nervous system: abnormal movement, paralysis…

Are there people at risk?

According to the PasseportSanté.net site:

« Women aged 15-45 years. In this group, age, lupus affects approximately eight times more women than men. This finding suggests that hormones play an important role in the development of lupus. Apart from this age group, men and women are equally affected. «  » People with a family member suffers from lupus have a slightly increased risk of developing it in their turn. »

Lupus and Dr House

If many doctors were not familiar of this disease, the global success of the doctor’s House series is likely to change the attitudes. For each diagnosis, you can heard the word « Lupus », Moreover the link below brings together the best moments! The sentence « ce n’est pas un lupus » (« It’s not lupus ») become so popular that now it adorns many goodies of the series.


Article source, www.carevox.fr