The Symptoms of Lupus

They appear transiently or permanently and seem independent from each other : Non-specific symptoms of lupus : *Fatigue, *Fever, *Weight changes, *Swollen glands. Specific symptoms of lupus : *Erythema in the shape of butterfly wings on the face, *Mucosal ulcers especially buccal, *Photosensitivity : abnormal facility of occurrence of sunburn, *Arthritis (joint inflammation), *Pleurisy, *Pericarditis, *Kidney (appearance of protein …

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Autoimmunes Diseases

Other autoimmunes diseases “A.I.D” are also pathologies which occur after an disturbance of the immune system or due to external elements amenantson dysfunction. There are many, some exclusively affects an organ (thyroid gland, for example) or other so-called systemic affecting simultaneously several organs. These diseases are very different from each other in their clinical expression, but …

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Trigger factor of lupus

The exact cause is not yet known, but it appears that some genetic predisposition may play a role in the onset of the disease. Lupus would develop , due to some factors: environmental, complement deficiencies, previously known elements: *Hormonal contraception, *Sun, *Stress, *A medication, *A pregnancy, *Infection, *Operations…..

How research into the heredity of lupus has evolved

Lupus is referred to in lots of ways. It’s “a woman’s disease”. It’s “a family disease”. These references, although somewhat true, point to one important factor about lupus. The disease seems to have a hereditary component. With more questions than answers, medical experts are betting on genetics to help with diagnosis and treatment. “I believe that …

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Une année d’Education Thérapeutique au Centre de Référence du Lupus

Le programme d’Education Thérapeutique se pérennise en offrant toujours 6 séances d’apprentissage par mois. De plus, “les Samedis d’Education” ont été instaurés, en une journée les équipes animent les 6 séances du programme, en parallèle 2 par 2, ce qui permet aux patients d’assister au plus à trois séances dans la même journée. Outre l’avantage …

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Education Thérapeutique au cours du Lupus

L’Education Thérapeutique L’Education Thérapeutique du Patient (ETP), selon l’Organisation Mondiale de la Santé, vise à aider les patients à acquérir des compétences spécifiques, dans le but notamment d’améliorer leur qualité de vie. Elle trouve tout son sens dans les maladies chroniques, où l’on considère qu’elle est un processus continu et intégré aux soins. Il s’agit …

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